We are living in the second half of the 2010’s and Caribean style music surrounds us. It is in the air like Phil Collins was back in the eighties and like Mr. Collins, some of you have been waiting for something like this all your lives…. why?

Because most of you get a bad taste in your mouth as soon as Jamaican music starts blasting out a set of speakers! A lot of the time this feeling connects to a particular brand of white people, a type of people that often live in college dormitories(for extended periods of time), Inhabiting spaces heavily scented by the repeated burning of incense, decorated by a Bob Marley poster and in some extreme cases a clothesline that has the honor of drying some very organic hemp-based panties.

With all this playing in the back of your mind, I don’t blame you! Since Bob Marley’s rise reggae, dub and dancehall music has had to overcome some pretty big boundaries (I know I had to)! The constant association with weed does not make it any better, Mary Jane does not only saves lives, it seems that it can also worsen your musical taste (if you let it). But to write off multiple genres of Caribbean style music would be a stupid (Babylon thing) to do. You just need someone to guide around the shit towards the gold because there is a lot of both (gold and shit).

Anyway, this is an attempt at showing you the music I found, liked and mixed together, showing the diversity of this genre of music.

Text by Roland Hoogwater