If you have seen SALSA ELK (the original version) before it had a bit of an exotic musical scale to it. No one actually knows that we brought the artist Future to Poland, quoting one of the kind locals – you know who you are. So it might be time to show you a real taste of what we actually listened to behind closed doors on the 23rd floor of our apartment.

Sommerfeld: Speaking of the Warsaw Mixtape, would it be cool for you if we release it on our TPDG Blog? By the way, are you already done by now?

Rudolph: Sure you can post it on the blog. Unfortunately I couldn`t even put my hands back on it since my hard disk died yesterday, haha. Of course: no back-up. I would have never thought this could actually happen to me. Well, never mind. Glad it happened after I finished the video.

Filmed by Jonathan Peters (Propeller Island), remixed by Leon Rudolph (HelladFaded2K15).